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Why us?

Construction of the house is a Big Challenge in our country. Finding the right person who understands your needs and budget and delivers as promised is almost an impossible task. Again it is never easy to manage a conventional Thekedar and purchasing the building material. The companies in the field are too expensive to be hired and are targeting the elite segment only.

Designer Residential Units

Choose from our unique and stylish Turkish and Spanish styled homes of 5,7,10 Marlas and 1,2 Kanal luxury houses and farmhouses of 4 Kanals and above. We assure you that these designer architectures will make your house stand out and the superlative part will be when you will find it within your budget range.

Sheikh Mateen-CEO

A vibrant professional and a dedicated entrepreneur with over two decades of enriched experience from hospitality to the financial industry and is now utilizing his skillset to bring about a change in the retail construction industry in Pakistan with a vision to establish a company that sets its own different trends in the Construction Era.

Sheikh Mateen-CEO

Message from CEO

“Our company will provide every solution relating to the construction of your dream house as we care and understand the needs. We will always strive to accommodate all our customer segments and provide them with the best-customized offerings. For our Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs), our exceptional package addresses their major issues and provides them with the best feasibility to strengthen their roots with the homeland and at the same time help strengthen our country`s economy and creating opportunities. After COVID 19, the challenging decline in discount rate limits the income of a particular segment through the financial sector where we have come up with lucrative and sustainable business propositions for them to invest in the most promising industry of the country. Our professionals will ensure the steady handsome returns with no vulnerability and risks.

Our Global representatives in 6 countries will be all there to assist our NRPs with their plans and together we will expand to around 15 countries by 2021 In Sha Allah We hope to grow together with our customers and investors and serve the economy of our country in every possible way.”

Sheikh Mateen-CEO

Stay blessed and safe

Sheikh Mateen-CEO

Muhammad Farooq Usman Lodhi-MD

A business graduate with over twenty years of hands-on experience in the field of construction is thrilled to bring innovation and style in the construction of residential units and commercial centers. Challenging the conventional system and architecture with his exquisite ideas, he is constantly adding amelioration to his production. He has the privilege to undertake projects for Parliament Lodges, CDA Islamabad, and MES apart from delivering ample designer residential houses in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

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Services Offered

All types of Construction Services.

  • Map designing & structural drawing solutions
  • Building material supply under one roof at wholesale rates
  • Exquisite InteriorDesigning
  • Architectural Design
  • InterwoodStyleAmerican Kitchen sand cabinets
  • Complete woodworks
  • High-quality wooden flooring and paneling
  • Imported and local manufactured quality doors
  • Quality steel availability at distributors rate from the renowned steel mills of Islamabad
  • UPVC and Aluminum Windows solutions
  • Economical and Efficient Chiller installation
  • Finishing product line including tiles, marble, Porta and Grohe Fittings at wholesale price
  • Oneyearfreemaintenance for all-electric and plumbing works
  • Complete ceiling works
  • CCTV cameras installation

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